Got Hope?
August 31st, 2012, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma. What do you do when you're given the shock of a cancer diagnosis? Do you feel sad? Yes. Scared? Yes. Confused and paranoid? Yes and yes! Do you feel sorry for yourself? Yes. But once you work through the initial shock, the air returns to your lungs, and the color to your skin, you make a choice. You either fight or give in. I was not about to bury my head in my arms and wait to die. I felt my soul return to my body and a courage I didn't know I had, and at that moment, I chose to fight. I got on the business of healing and as my courage grew, so did my strength. I never gave up! I filled my heart with gratitude and love everyday and took control of my destiny. Recovery is a journey and I'm in control. I embrace life everyday and showing the world just what I am made of. It's nearly been 4 years since cancer entered my life and I am still in remission! Your attitude can lift you up or take you down. The choice is always yours.
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