'Sleepy Sam'
Public -by Amy Freudenberg  |  2017 Campaign
We all know the 'HURRY UP AND WAIT' game that the patients, family members and friends go through in and out of a normal day to day life battling cancer. It starts at home or work, then car, then doctors, then back to car then home or work again. Constant changes in schedules, sleepless nights and eating on the go (or whatever old cracker or protein bar you remembered you had in your purse). This is for ALL THE PEOPLE who stand by the side of a loved one fighting cancer and for the loved one we are swinging for!! WE WILL NEVER stop fighting this with you, by you, and for you!!!
Team Members/Credits:
Photographer-Sylvia Hardt Make-up Lillian Fogel
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amy freudenberg
I am just trying to make awareness to breast cancer after my beloved niece was struck with breast at a very young age!
Feb 09, 2017 11:26 PM