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We've witnessed great strength in our family and amongst our friends who have been dealt the blow of cancer. They have bravely powered through fear, pain and uncertainty with incredible amounts of inner strength. As important as it is for us to be there for them, we must also keep POWERING THROUGH research to find treatments and cures that can give those hit a fighting chance. Our fundraiser recognizes the need for research in ALL forms of cancer, so that's why we chose the lavender ribbon. Love always to Vincent, Bruce, Marissa, Valerie, and Lorraine...and to Rob, fighting as we speak.
Team Members/Credits:
Liz Goulet Dubois — Theme & costume
Millie Dubois — Model
Denise Amara — Makeup
Amy Richards — Hair
Russ Mezikofsky — Photography
Eric Dubois — Retouching
Charlene Prudhomme — Catalyst
1 years ago
Posted by Elizabeth Dubois
There are only 6 days left to this campaign. Since I first wrote the paragraph above, we lost our friend Rob to glioblastoma- an aggressive form of brain cancer. Brain cancer is also what took my cousin and my sister-in-law from us. Another friend has been diagnosed recently, and will undergo surgery soon. We all have someone in out lives that have been touched by this disease. Let's POWER THROUGH and help find ANSWERS and TREATMENTS in the near future, because for many there is no time to waste. <3
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