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Public -by Tony Zaharoolis  |  2017 Campaign
Cancer can affect people when they least expect it. Love Out Lavender brings people in the beauty industry together to create awareness about cancer and contribute to the goal of curing cancer.
I have personal experience with cancer. My mother and aunts have all been diagnosed with breast cancer and my brother has been battling bile duct cancer and is approaching the one year mark. The advances in cancer research have given my brother the chance to be here today, but his battle is not over. Bile Duct Cancer is uncommon and less than 8,000 cases per year are reported; most with a grim ending. I want to bring awareness to this rare form of cancer and to the advances that are taking place so that people like my brother will have a chance to live a long life.
Team Members/Credits:
Artist Sharon
Models Tyler and Jackson
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Always in my prayers, love patty
Feb 05, 2017 02:07 PM