Image Release Authorization

An Image Release Authorization is required for each image uploaded to Love Out  The sponsor(s) of the image/images used in their profile is soley responsible for ensuring all interested parties involved with the creation of the image have consented to the following:

Image Release Authorization

As sponsor(s) of this Love Out Lavender image, We hereby grant Love Out Lavender, Inc., (LOL) respective rights, titles, and interests in the uploaded images including all applicable copyright rights.  We further hereby grant LOL permission to reproduce any of the uploaded images in any way they deem reasonable.  We understand that all images uploaded become the property of LOL, without payment of any compensation therefore and without restrictions as to date, location or manner of LOL’s use.  We grant LOL the right to use, edit, and modify any submitted images as determined in their discretion is appropriate in support of LOL’s mission, including advertising, promotion, or publicity.  Any photo used for advertising or additional purposes by LOL will include a photo credit including the sponsor’s name and any additional credits listed in the sponsor profile for the image.  We understand that I still retain rights to use these images to promote our Love Out Lavender fundraising activities and may use the Love Out Lavender Logo on the image and in association with fundraising efforts as long as their use remains true to the LOL mission.

We, the photographer, make-up artists, models, clothing designers, jewelry designers, and any other individuals contributing to this image, hereby grant Love Out Lavender permission to use images we submit in any and all publications: including web site entries, without payment or any other consideration in perpetuity.  We understand and agree that these photos can be used by Love Out Lavender as stated above.

We hereby irrevocably authorize Love Out Lavender to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute our submitted image(s) for purposes of publicizing Love Out Lavender’s programs or for any other lawful purpose. In addition, we waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written or electronic copy and waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of our submitted image(s). We hereby hold harmless and release and forever discharge Love Out Lavender from all claims, demands, and causes of action which we or any other persons acting on our behalf have or may have by reason of this authorization.

We are 18 years of age or older and are competent to contract in our own names. We have read this release before signing below and we fully understand the contents, meaning, and impact of this release. If under the age of 18, we will have consent signed by parent or legal guardian.

By accepting these terms and conditions, we waive the right to make claims against Love Out Lavender and its affiliates.  We further agree to abide by all directives and posted restrictions issued now or hereafter.


Photo Usage Rules

All images must be submitted online. All uploaded image files must be in JPEG( .jpg) format at a resolution of at least 300DPI (CMPI not accepted) and no smaller than 8” x 10”. TIFFs (.tif, .TIF, .tiff, or .TIFF), Bitmaps (.bmp), and PDFs (.pdf) file types for photos are not accepted. Images larger than 8MBs will NOT be accepted by the system. High-resolution images may be requested if selected for publication Love Out Lavender is a Non-Profit Organzation with a mission to conquer cancer.  Therefore, you may and are encouraged to use your images in all forms of social and print media to bring awareness and financial support to your fundraising effort.


Contact us at or by phone at 480.232.0586.


All donations must be made in U.S. funds and be paid online using a credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa are accepted) or through PayPal.  There is a minimum donation of $5 to support images and a minimum donation of $25 to sponsor a ribbon.

Return/Cancellation Policy

There are no returns or refunds.  All donations are final.