Can I create my own unique fundraising event?
YES! Love Out Lavender supports continuous fundraising efforts throughout the year. Your unique event can be supported and managed through ribbon spo...
Mar 03, 2015 10:30 AM
Can I donate with a check or money order?
Yes! Make checks payable to: Love Out Lavender, 4445 N. 36th st, Suite 433, Phoenix, AZ 85018. We will mail you a receipt for your tax-deductible do...
Mar 26, 2015 11:46 PM
Can I sponsor a ribbon before my image is complete?
Yes. You are encouraged to begin sponsorship as soon as you can. People can begin donating as soon as you complete your sponsor profile. Sometimes ...
Mar 02, 2015 03:50 PM
Can I use a photo I already have?
Yes. We prefer that you use an image that has not been published, however photoshop can help you create an amazing message without producing a new ph...
Mar 03, 2015 09:15 AM
Does my image have to be professional quality?
If you want the opportunity to be published in Modern Salon and the calendar your image must be at least 300dpi.
Mar 02, 2015 03:43 PM
How do I find other creative people to help me?
Use the Love Out Lavender Facebook page and your Facebook page to make a post asking for help.
Mar 02, 2015 03:38 PM
Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes. Love Out Lavender is a 501c3, Non-profit organization. Each donation receives and automatic email for tax purposes and those contributing $250 ...
Mar 04, 2015 05:45 PM
Problems with your Facebook share image not showing?
If you are having issues with your image not displaying when you share you fundraiser, enter your fundraiser URL into this debugger tool! It can some...
Mar 11, 2017 11:06 AM
Where does the money go?
Love Out Lavender donates its proceeds to City of Hope annually in the month of October and publishes the details of the annual campaign in Modern Sal...
Mar 04, 2015 05:42 PM